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Looking for the perfect gift for holiday, birthday, or any time for a Holland Dames member or a person of Dutch ancestry? The Society of Daughters of Holland Dames has several items which might be just the thing. Whether it is a book on Dutch colonial homes or a members-only insignia or more, you'll find a gift that will be treasured for a very long time. Full information and an order form to send with your check is available to download: Holland Dames Gifts (PDF:388KB).

You can also send a note listing the items you wish from the list below along with a check payable to "SOCIETY OF DAUGHTERS OF HOLLAND DAMES" to:

NEW YORK, NY 10128

Prices are updated as of July 1, 2013

Holland Dames Silk Scarf
$125.00 PLUS $10.00 POSTAGE
This Limited Edition Dutch Heritage elegant 35-inch square silk twill scarf has an outer border of linked yellow tulips on an orange ground. The corners have a stylized tulip design taken from the stained glass window depiction of Henry Hudson’s ship, the “Half Moon.” The Holland Dames presented this window to the New-York Historical Society in 1909 in memory of their ancestors who had settled in New Amsterdam. The fourth corner of the scarf also holds the insignia of the Holland Dames, a crowned, golden lion rampant, holding a gold sword in his right paw and a gold scroll in his left paw, with a gold ribbon at his feet bearing the name “Daughters of Holland Dames.” Over the lion’s head is the Dutch royal crown. Images of antique blue and white Delft tiles depicting scenes of everyday life in New Amsterdam are set at angles above the four corners of the scarf. A graceful scallop design and wreath of tulips frame the center medallion containing the Society’s seal and founding date of 1895. It is punctuated by four Dutch roof-gable and window designs. One of the roof designs contains the small image of a beaver, a symbol of one of the more important business ventures of the early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam. This scarf is suitable for framing.

Holland Dames Scarf

A Catch of Grandmothers
by Firth Haring Fabend.
$10.00 PLUS $5.00 POSTAGE
This little book is for every mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother--and the rest of the family, too. In lyrically beautiful verses, author Fabend, Holland Dames member and noted Dutch historian, tells us about the nine generations of her “grandmothers,” the first to come to the New Jersey wolf-ridden forest in the 1600‘s. Go to Rocklandhistory.org.

A Catch of Grandmothers

Researching Your Dutch Ancestors--A Practical Guide
$20.00 PLUS $5.00 POSTAGE
Published by the Holland Dames, this guide focuses on available resources in major New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut repositories. It provides a list of helpful Internet sites. The purpose of the Guide is to help prospective members with the process of becoming a member of the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames.

Before I forget I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the guide that you did for the Holland Dames. I purchased a few copies. One of them I have shared with a genealogist for the Warriors who is mostly familiar with southern ancestry. He was delighted to have such good guidance. So thanks – this is useful for MANY groups.

- Jonathan Jensen, Tampa, Florida

While the document, Researching Your Dutch Ancestors: A Practical Guide, is purposed to help prospective members with the process of becoming a member of the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, it is also an excellent guide and example for all genealogy researchers as well as for preparing an application for membership in any lineage organization.

- Carolyn B. Leonard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Author of Who's Your Daddy?-- A Guide to Genealogy from Start to Finish

Our goal in producing the guide is to help make the application process easier by leading applicants and researchers to the best resources available.

- Mary W. Park, Baltimore, Maryland


$1.00 EACH OR 12 FOR $5.00 PLUS $1.00 POSTAGE
The postcard features an image of the Peter Stuyvesant stained-glass window donated in 1906 to St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery.

Holland Dames Postcards

Membership Certificate (FOR MEMBERS ONLY)
$20.00 PLUS $5.00 POSTAGE
This 8 1/2 x 14 certificate features an image of Henry Hudson’s Arrival of the Half Moon stained-glass window donated to the New York Historical Society by the Holland Dames in 1909. It is suitable for framing with personalized information of membership name, number, and date approved.

Holland Dames Membership Certificate

REGULAR SIZE: Contact info@hollanddames for price quote
Regular size 14-karat gold-filled insignia pin with blue and gold ribbon. (Custom orders for 18-karat gold are subject to prices and delivery time available at the time of order.) Miniature insignia are suitable for necklace, bracelet, or lineage insignia bar.

Holland Dames Insignia